Corporate Social Responsibility

A responsible business for a responsible future.

Making a positive impact
Employee Engagement & Volunteerism

Making a difference, one smile at a time! Our team spent the day with the residents of the old age homes listening to their life stories, sharing presents, playing games, listening to music, and dancing. It’s a reminder that we’re a community of people, and one small gesture can impact someone for a lifetime!

We are powered by Inclusion

Inclusion is not a trend it is not a tick-box exercise! Our colleagues took it upon themselves to break down inclusivity in their own creative, quirky ways. A fun collaboration that speaks volumes about how inclusion is a necessity in all aspects of our lives.

Environmental Sustainability

A day well spent in nature, away from the bustling city chaos where our colleagues teamed up to plant trees across different regions of the country through our speedball-making activity! We owe it to our planet to preserve its fruits of life and give back as much as we take from it.

Creating a culture of giving and service

Making a positive impact

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