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Corporate Governance

Manoeuvring long term lens to oversee our vision in the age of disruption.


We have a robust internal policy framework in place. Below are our corporate governance policies:

  • Healthy Board of Directors across all companies with periodic board meetings.
  • National Governing Committees – Core Executive Committee, Compensation Committee to drive operational decision making.
  • Advisory Board constituted for Capital Markets Business.
  • Robust internal policy framework.
  • Indian at heart and global in terms of internal governance standards.
  • Healthy Business governance matrix with business owners for each sub-vertical / geography.
  • Approval Matrix aligned with P&L matrix. Maker and Checker controls enabled in the system.
  • SAP by Design Cloud ERP for finance – Ensure Robust transaction accounting, Robust Taxes, Automation and Maker and Checker for each transaction.
  • Stringent and compliant Revenue recognition policies, where service completion and collectability are determined prior to revenue recognition.
  • Aggressive Bad debt provision mechanism – Revenue uncollected beyond 90 days from due date is provided @ 50% of AR and beyond 120 days from due date @ 100% AR, thereby protecting P&L.
  • Strong Legal & Compliance and Contracting framework.
  • KPMG - Statutory Auditors.
  • KPMG – Indirect Tax Compliance Advisors.
  • NA Shah – Direct Tax Advisors.
Corporate Office

1002 -10th Floor, B Wing, One BKC, G Block,BKC, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051, Maharashtra

Phone No. +91 22 42934293

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We value diversity within ANAROCK Group and are committed to offering equal opportunities in employment. We do not discriminate against any team member or applicant for employment on the basis of nationality, race, colour, religion, caste, gender identity / expression, sexual orientation, disability, social origin and status, indigenous status, political opinion, age, marital status or any other personal characteristics or status. ANAROCK Group values all talent and will do its utmost to hire, nurture and grow them.